Project-Based Lending (PBL) will improve the viability of your next project, by making 100% funding both accessible and affordable.

The lease is structured to include 100% of project cost. Typically, leasing provides finance against tangible assets, giving the lender an ‘asset security’.

PBL takes a different approach: by recognizing that a customer is able to pay, it eliminates the need for asset security, meaning ‘assets’ of any kind can be suitable for funding.

In short, PBL is lending based on your ability to pay, NOT your equipment’s ability to pay if you can’t.

Funding in this way means that payments made are an operating cost to the business – PBL is generally 100% allowable against taxable profits.

In addition, PBL can be written on or off balance sheet, representing a significant advantage in terms of tax efficiency.

Finally, PBL offers flexibility and gives you options at the front and back end, as well as with payment terms.

Put simply, it’s a convenient and easy way to fund the growth of your business.

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