Key Finance has provided software fundings solutions
to companies of all sizes for 30 years

    Many banks do not consider software a tangible asset. However, we are able to fund 100% of the software cost, including consultancy, implementation, training, support, and licence fees.

    We can also include the internal costs you incur when delivering a bespoke system. In short, we can help you take advantage of the benefits of the software straight away, without large scale investment.

    Key Benefits of Software Funder

    • Keep ahead of your industry with the latest technology – without huge investments.
    • Save working capital and pay for the software as you use it.
    • We willnance 100% of the cost of your software.
    • Your payments are fully deductible against tax.
    • We build in a renewal plan to help you plan for software upgrades.

    Challenge us to find a solution to your requirements.

    For more information call the team on 01372 888 330 or email