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Exceeding Your Expectations & Delivering on Promises

Funding Solutions

We specialise in arranging senior lending, secured against cashflows, receivables or other balance sheet assets. We assist our clients in creating a funding strategy that compliments short & long term business goals. Our deep rooted relationships across the lending spectrum mean that our clients get suitable funding and a proven reliable funding partner.

The businesses that Key Finance funds all have experienced management teams with a shared vision and a credible plan in place to achieve it. We match their experience and ambition, delivering the level of finance and the flexibility required to transform their vision into reality.

For many organisations, delivering their business strategy is already challenging and the uncertain economic climate makes it even more so. Being able to successfully implement a programme of change that drives the business vision and delivers tangible financial and operational benefits, requires a focused team and a commitment to excellence.

From financing rapid growth; mergers & acquisitions; management buy outs and buy ins; reorganisations and debt restructures; turnarounds; seasonal cash shortfalls and securing international trade opportunities, our versatile working capital solutions are designed to provide optimum liquidity to businesses.

Growth Capital

If you are an early stage innovative business with substantial strategic ambitions or an SME it is essential you have a clear and well thought through funding strategy, but one that reflects the art of the possible in terms of market offering and sentiment - something which is constantly changing and evolving.

What types of funding are available to you, where can it be found and at what financial cost / legal structure? We have in excess of 30 years of experience working with companies that have the ambition to grow but need trusted support and credible assistance in developing and fulfilling the funding need and solutions required to resource the business journey and its commercial ambition.

We have the relationships with the UK funding market from start-up venture capital through to complex mezzanine debt and structured debt products. We help hone the right funding strategy for you, make the right introductions to funders and support you on securing the most commercial terms available. Every business should have an appropriate funding and fundraising strategy.  If you do not then we would want the opportunity to help.

Lease Finance

The oldest independent leasing company in the market, Key Finance has been providing leasing solutions to businesses for over 40 years. Our Founder is a pioneer of leasing and is responsible for many of the innovations that have shaped today’s marketplace (some we have kept for our own customers!).

We draw on our specialist knowledge and extensive experience in setting up and operating leasing programmes for the entire spectrum of UK commerce and industry, including some of the largest, household names.

We provide leasing directly to the low-mid SME market & large corporates, for any asset class. Often creating bespoke solutions for customers with ongoing lease requirements, or simply attracting the best available commercial terms for transactional deals. We have significant experience building finance solutions for software & equipment vendors to compliment their sales.

Whilst we source our funds from the whole market, including traditional, private and alternative providers, we tailor individual solutions, designed exclusively for our customers. From hire purchase, finance lease, operating lease and sale and leaseback – we’ll define the right blend of solutions to meet your specific needs and situation.

Typically, leasing provides finance against valuable assets, giving the lender an ‘asset security’. As a leading ‘soft asset’ specialist, we believe that if the customer credit is strong, then the underlying assets are of less significance. This means that assets of any kind can be suitable for funding, such as design, install and other intangibles, as well as physical assets such as equipment, plant & machinery and fixtures & fittings. Our focus is to raise financing to cover 100% of the costs associated with any project.

Why Use Key Finance?

For over 40 years, Key Finance has provided transformational financial support to businesses across the entire spectrum of commerce and industry – from sole traders to leading multinational chains. We can help you build and execute a funding strategy for a wide variety of projects, growth opportunities and investments.


We are a proven successful team that knows how to execute.


We always deliver on our promises


Over 40 years in the market and no bad debt from any of our deals


We are a family office and treat our customers as such, enjoying the fundraising journey together

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