An update from Key Finance

It is a pleasure to be addressing you all, and if we have not yet had a chance to meet then I very much look forward to doing so.

This is an introduction to what will hopefully be more regular updates on Key Finance matters – we are picking up great speed and I expect there will be lots of exciting news over the coming year.

Already this year we have rebranded this website , moved into new premises, exhibited at events and launched a new product.

As we push on, 2017 will see us reinforce our traditional business, build a start-up, launch more debt finance products, introduce new finance brands, exhibit at events and hire new staff (let us know if you have any candidates!).

If you want more info on what we have done / are doing, just stay tuned to this website.

For those that have followed Key Finance for a long time, please be assured that as you continue to follow us we will operate with the same integrity that John has always maintained.

In fact, John is still very active both in and out of the business – he is continuing to break new ground and we will be attempting to complete a half marathon together a bit later this year.

With that in mind we will be doing a few other things for charity, the first of which offers you the chance to win 4 tickets to one of this year’s Autumn Internationals at Twickenham.

I will keep you updated as we move forward!

Best regards,

Henry Mounsey, Managing Director