Leasing Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Libraries

For too long schools have paid too much for lease finance. Key Finance aims to change this...

Key Finance has been leasing equipment into educational institutions for 25 years, working closely with both the consultants employed by councils and schools to handle tenders, and on direct relationships too.

If you're an educational institution, we can help you finance a huge variety of projects, whether your need is for information and communication technologies (ICT) equipment or an entirely new teaching facility, encompassing funding of the design, planning and build costs.

Why IS Key Finance Different?

Our innovative and unique Project-Based Lending (PBL) tool means that Key Finance can provide complete funding for core and associated project costs at hugely competitive rates.

This is because PBL eschews the traditional restrictions of asset-based lending - instead, we recognise the institution's ability to pay, not the value of its assets and equipment. Put simply, it eliminates the need for asset security, enabling Key Finance to fund 100% of a project.

Who doES Key finance work with?

Our leasing solutions are available to the entire spectrum of UK educational institutions, encompassing: nurseries & pre-schools; primary schools; special schools; free schools; independent schools, academies; faith schools; private schools; sixth form colleges and universities.

For example, we have funded over 200 leases with Wandsworth Borough Council and in doing so have worked with the following schools (amongst others);

Alton Primary School
St. Mary’s
Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School
Earlsfield Primary School
St. George’s School
Sellincourt Primary School
Brandlehow School
Sheringdale Primary School
Belleville School
Nightingale School
Chartfield School
Vines School
St. Anselms School

& Directly with Nescot College – North East Surrey College of Technology

What are the costs?

Key Finance has written leasing agreements with educational institutions and councils from a value of just £1,000, all the way up to £20 million.

Ultimately, we want institutions to be able to spend as much of their budget as possible on equipment, rather than financing fees.

Our typical rate is £19.46 p/m per £1k of cost/spend over 5 years.

To find out more, call us on +44 (0) 1372 888 330 or email info@keyfinance.com.

Are you a vendor or reseller to education? Partner with us!

Key Finance can also work with vendors and resellers to help make sure schools get the equipment they need at the best possible rate.

To find out how we can partner with you, call us on +44 (0) 1372 888 330 or email info@keyfinance.com.