Key Finance recently worked with a leading multi-store retailer that owns multiple retail and convenience outlets in North-West Wales.

The Challenge

  • Our client was looking to refit and refresh one of its stores without impacting the cash-flow of the portfolio businesses.
  • £400,000 of funding was required, £76,000 of which was soft costs. 
  • Our client required the best possible rate to ensure funding was as efficient as possible, given the narrow operating margins within the industry. 

Our Solution

  • Key Finance discovered that the wholesaler had a large exposure to the customer. We therefore secured the finance on the basis of the wholesaler's credit, allowing the customer to receive funding at a market beating rate.
  • The use of our wholesaler's credit allowed the customer to incur savings over £30,000.

“Very pleased to have been introduced to Key Finance who have helped me achieve the next stage of my stores development.” - Convenience Store Owner

£400,000 funding required.

£76,000 of the project total costs were soft costs.

100% of the funding provided.

£30,000 of savings enjoyed through unique loan structure.

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