Key Finance provided the finance for a leading luxury diamond retailer, a long-standing customer, including advising them in two major deals in the space of a year.  

The first was a fit out of a foot-print store within Harrods, and due to the success of the store there was a redevelopment of the same space the following year. 

The Challenge 

This transaction dealt with many international suppliers, working with five currencies.  All of these suppliers had a mix of soft & hard costs, and Key Finance were able to finance 100% of the costs for their client.

Our Solution 

  • Key Finance worked in US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, British Sterling, Euros and Chinese Yen to fund the deal.
  • We also worked with multinational suppliers across multiple time zones.
  • Key Finance were also required to adjust the first agreement in place with the retailer in order to accommodate the new deal later in the year. As such, we put in place an early termination agreement,  allowing the retailer a greater freedom over their store and changes they wished to make.

“As CFO I was pleasantly surprised that Key Finance were able to advise finance options that I hadn’t considered possible.” - Client Finance Director

£758,000 funded for initial project.

Flexibility to terminate early for new shop fit.

£1.66 million funded for subsequent project.

Refinanced back to retailer client.

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