#1 Independent Coffee Shop

A leading UK wholesale retailer recommended Key Finance to an Irish independent coffee supplier, who were looking to break into the UK market. After being put in touch we liaised with the end customer to reach a solution with minimal interference to the supplier.  

The Challenge 

  • Key Finance was required to deal with multiple suppliers in several different currencies.  
  • The payment terms all had varying requirements in terms of payback times and tax circumstances.  This included suppliers who needed payment within seven days of the product purchase, to suppliers requiring same day pay-outs.
  • Key Finance was able to deal with them all.

Our Solution 

  • Key Finance negotiated new payment terms with all but one supplier to suit customer requirements.
  • We were able to successfully fund the building expansion and fit out of the coffee shop.
  • There were a total eight suppliers and we were able to fund 100% of the project costs.
  • Since this transaction, Key Finance have continued to write deals with the customer, plus advise them on business and tax operations. 

“I was very impressed with Key Finance given that they had to deal with several suppliers and transfer money in different currencies, which was done without fuss or drama. I recommend Key Finance with no hesitation at all!” - Coffee Shop Owner

£85,000 of assets funded for the coffee shop.

£14,000 of soft costs included as part of project.

£22,000 was paid to UK suppliers.

£63,000 paid to international suppliers.

#2 Independent Convenience Store

Key Finance enabled a convenience store owner, Trevor, to switch from one Symbol Group to another.  

The Challenge

Trevor had been operating as a Premier for a long time, and was eager to change his business model. This required a lease finance offering to help cover the costs of the store redevelopment that comes with a change in symbol group. 

The Solution

  • Trevor required £50k for his store fit-out.
  • Key Finance were familiar with the suppliers and we negotiated payment terms that satisfied both parties.
  • We spread his £50k lease over 5 years with monthly rentals.
  • Trevor matched his budget with the monthly payments that he needed to make and was in a great position to be able to satisfy the payments. 

£50,000 of assets funded for the convenience

Spread over five years

£10,000 in soft costs

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