Leasing Solutions for the Retail Sector

Key Finance has been providing leasing services into the retail ecosystem for 25 years, working closely with sole traders, leading multinational chains, franchises, franchisees and distributors. Our offering includes:

Leasing for High Street Retail

Leasing for Luxury Retail

Leasing for Convenience stores

Leasing for Forecourts

Leasing for Franchisees

Leasing for Wholesale & Distribution



Our innovative and unique Project-Based Lending (PBL) and Shopfit Funder tools means that Key Finance can provide complete funding for core and associated project costs at hugely competitive rates.

This is because we eschew the traditional restrictions of asset-based lending – instead, we recognise your ability to pay, not the value of your assets and equipment. Put simply, it eliminates the need for asset security, enabling Key Finance to fund 100% of a project.

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Having been a leasing partner to some of the country’s leading retail chains for more than 25 years, Key Finance has an unrivalled understanding of the High Street and distribution channels.

PBL has already been used by some of Key Finance’s longest-standing clients to great effect. For example, over £100 million of PBL has been brokered to a major food retailer as an operating lease. This funding has helped the company grow its revenue from £100 million to more than £1 billion.

Similarly, Key Finance has provided a substantial luxury goods company with £30 million using the PBL model to refit stores in eight countries and in five different currencies. Tax efficiency played a significant role in providing the correct solution.

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